December 16, 2013

  • Oy gevalt, Xanga von’t let me type a “double-you”

    I vill not speculate on chust vy zis should be happening. And it’s not the vorst thing I’ve seen in my 64 years. I’m used to making do vis Sear’s ‘Good’ model of most items, so vy not also for veb sites?
    Hey, I greuu(sp?) up in a language vhere the ‘V’s vere habitually transformd into ‘double-you’s. My Mom, Verna (alias ‘double-you’-erna) vas famous for often saying “Vy, ve should be happy fer chust any-sing”. Und zo I got used to ‘our’ transistor radios having the ‘Tone’ knob just painted on, and unvorkable. Also accepted staring at all the fancy stuff pictured in pages 3 to 33 of the Erector Set booklet. All the interesting gadgets needed parts dat ve little country schmucks didn’t get for nine bucks and the Starter Kit.
    So yeah, no ‘double-you’. I’m kinda vondering vether I oughta email Eugenia, she vas so kind in reinstating my site.
    And of course BIG THANKSā™£ to my savior Zakiah, she restorerth my Xanga soul, amen. (..and hath generously purchased-eth my subscription.)
    All is vell in the troubled Middle East, I might add, except for tvelve inches of rain the last three days and ice on ze vindshield every morning since. Dat’s mein excuse, vhen I ferget vat I vanted to vrite.
    thanks for reading zis mess/ JS

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  • Oh, I vish I could still rec posts!

    • And I also, ha. Ve do seem to suffer here for the time being visout so many of ze features vhich made Xanga comfortable.

  • Hand over my mouth, laughing up snorts! I LOVE IT Yoni! Ve in India also cannot say the double-u, and alvays say it vith a v.
    I am so glad you are posting. Hallelujah or should I say Allah u Akbar? I did see that you guys got a lot of ice and sno in Jerusalem.. not sure about Tel Aviv. I am sure the children there had a lot of fun.

    • Thanks for your nice reply. It took me a vhile to lern hov to reply here.
      Ve had no snov in my area, just sub-zero temps. But up on the mountains to the East, 5 miles avay and from vhere I hear the muezzin five times a day they still have plenty of snov on the ground. Elevation maketh the difference. I pity them, shoeless at 5AM, but no-one said being devout is a picnic.

  • HAHAHA! I can hear my grandmother talking!! hehe!

    • I’m sinking your dear grandma also had ze accent to go vis it. Beth, of seed-soving fame, knovs the dialect also.
      And I may be stuck like this until I dis-assemble the lap-top…

  • The American foreign aid tradition is to give ‘V’s and ‘W’s and ‘J’s et to deserving nations. But we’ve become beggars. We can’t afford to do it any more. Sorry. Our schools and industry and research are all in the tank. The only thing we lead in is aerosol cheese – and ethnic costumes.

    • vell, I did ask her to put on something more ‘covering’ but bless her heart, she vants to be a model. methinks she may over-value the influence of the Gulf-stream in varming the ‘sunny’ Baltic shores.
      Yes, another entirely ‘facetious’ post. I suppose I love the style because the vord has all the vovels, and in order.
      (Yeah, no vorkable ‘double-you’ yet, as ve speak.

  • When I was recently in Australia with a Swedish girl I lost the ability to say any “Ms”. I blave gravity. Vost peculiar. I would greet her with, ” G’day vate.”

    Then vy friend would say ,”Vy shud I vait?”

    I’d use charades to explain. “Vate, not wait!”

    “You vant to mate,not vait?”

    It turned into a rather pornographic Abbot and Costello routine after that and we were banned from the Duty Free voom.

    So now I’v in Sweden but vith less covputing skills than before.

    Good to see you’ve still got it!

    • I’ve been doing calisthenics to vork-around the lack of a double-you. Your dovn-under experience hasn’t stricken me yet, still I feel un-unexpectedly emasculated. Good to hear from you vherever you be. Let’s somehov navigate this ‘Death-of-horse-under the rider , and emerge functional in spite and despite./Varmly/ JS

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